cookie dough fundraisers

Baked is teaming up to help schools fundraise by selling tubs of cookie dough.

Baked is also adding to the challenge.  Any student who sells more than $350 in product gets a free breakfast at sister restaurant “5 South Main” in Cohasset! If 10 or more students meet this challenge, Baked will host a “twisted” dinner that will consist of breakfast on a Friday or Saturday night to be determined. If more than 30 students meet the challenge, a “twisted” dinner will be hosted at a venue and date to be determined! The overall highest “salesperson” will win a cupcake bar for up to 20 friends at 5 South Main in Cohasset! Owner Jenn makes the best French toast, 12 different kinds of pancakes, and just won first place in a local cupcake contest, so sell your heart out!

Call 781-378-2730 or contact us today for more information.

Cookie Dough
All cookie dough will be delivered fresh so that you may
freeze it if you wish. The dough will be packaged in 2 lb tubs.

Chocolate Chip: The All American Favorite! Nut Free
Oatmeal Raisin: Moist, chewy oatmeal batter with plump raisins is the perfect marriage! Nut Free
Peanut Butter: Made with real creamy peanut butter, these cookies are reminiscent of
Grandma’s best!
Lemon Sugar: Our version of a sugar cookie… with a twist! Pure lemon extract makes this
cookie perfect with a cup of tea! Nut Free
Butterscotch: Buttery and sweet, the perfect treat! Nut Free
Ginger Snap: A Sweet and spicy old fashioned favorite! Nut Free

Dark Chocolate Covered Oreos
What’s better than an Oreo surrounded in dark chocolate?

Bottled Mixes
For those of you who love to bake at home!
Cranberry Pecan Scone Mix: Make 8 large scones!
Maggie’s Famous Chocolate Cake Mix: Make 18 cupcakes or a 13x9 cake!

Just to top it off…
1 Pint Maggies Signature Frosting